Back Stage Indie Report reviews The 10 Best Mics for Vocal recordings. Recording that amazing voice of yours is only doing the world a favor by allowing them to hear those magical melodies of yours. People must hear it! Whether you’re in a home studio, semi-pro or even professional environment, the type of microphone you purchase is critical in getting the best vocal mix possible. You want your listeners to hear all of the important frequencies in your voice as clearly and crisply as possible. Of Course, the best microphone for live shows are dynamic microphones are best, but in most cases for studio environments we will take a condenser microphones. Below is the top 10 best microphones for recording vocals.
Back Stage Indie Report will show you haw to choose your Vocal Microphone What is your budget? This is a big question for microphone shopping. When you’re building your studio with music recording equipment, it’s always important to plan. We have some affordable, decently sounding …